CCP by Haseeb Ahmed Exams

Outstanding Chemistry Results at Dr. Haseeb Ahmed’s Coaching

The results are in, and we are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of the 12th class students from Dr. Haseeb Ahmed’s chemistry coaching (Chemistry Clear Point). With a PhD from IIT Roorkee, Gate & Net qualified and years of teaching experience, Dr. Ahmed has once again demonstrated his exceptional ability to guide students towards […] Science

Reduction of Alkyl Halide: A Comprehensive Guide to Organic Chemistry

Introduction In the vast world of organic chemistry, reduction reactions play a crucial role in transforming compounds into new forms. Among these reactions, the reduction of alkyl halides holds significant importance. Alkyl halides, also known as haloalkanes, are organic compounds that contain halogen atoms (such as chlorine, bromine, or iodine) attached to an alkyl group. […] 11th Class Mock Test Science

Numerical Problems on Mole Concept Class XI

Dear Students, Today we will present you with the numerical problems on the mole concept. This concept is very useful to understand chemical reactions from a quantitative perspective. Mole is generally a representation quantity of amount taken in the chemical reaction therefore, students need to understand in depth this topic. Mole Concept of Class XI […] 11th Class Mock Test Science

MCQ on Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Class XI

Dear Students, We have created a MCQ question series for you to boost your knowledge. These questions are from basic concepts of chemistry for class XI students. 01. What is the arrangement of particles in solids? a) Loosely packed b) Random c) Closely packed d) Free to move Answer: c 02. What type of motion […]

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