Outstanding Chemistry Results at Dr. Haseeb Ahmed’s Coaching

CCP by Haseeb Ahmed

The results are in, and we are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of the 12th class students from Dr. Haseeb Ahmed’s chemistry coaching (Chemistry Clear Point). With a PhD from IIT Roorkee, Gate & Net qualified and years of teaching experience, Dr. Ahmed has once again demonstrated his exceptional ability to guide students towards academic excellence.

A Record of Excellence

This year 2024, a batch of 12th grade students has achieved phenomenal success in their chemistry examination results declared on 13th May. Out of the nine students in the 2024 session:

6 students scored 90+ marks
3 students scored 80+ marks

These results are a testament to Dr. Ahmed’s dedication to his students and his innovative teaching methods that make complex concepts accessible and engaging.

Here are some testimonials from Students

We are proud to share some heartfelt testimonials from students who have thrived under Dr. Ahmed’s mentorship:

Zikra Malik CBSE 14673878Zikra Malik – 96 Marks 12th CBSE Board (Roll No: 14673878)

I am zikra malik…
I just wanted to say a massive thank you 💫💫for everything whatever you have done for me over the past two year journey📚📚📚…………..
i know that thank you is too small for yours dedication 📝📝📝and your knowledge🧑🏼‍🏫🧑🏼‍🏫🧑🏼‍🏫 and experience whatever you have gave us ,but still thank you so much✨✨✨✨
your way of teaching and clearing📃📃📃📃 each and every concept makes you a great teacher than any other……you helped me tremendously especially📌📌 in the beginning of our class 11 when , I struggled😞😞 with the concept of chemistry…I am very greatful 🤩🤩to have a teacher like you……
Today I got 96/100🏆🏆 marks in 12 boards, And I know that 4 marks were cut only because of my silly mistake. I got these good marks because of your hard work and your support all the credit of our marks goes to you😊😊😊
you are one of the best teachers i have met in my life so far💐💐💐……..

Tehseen CBSE 14674309Syed Tehseen – 96 Marks 12th CBSE Board (Roll No: 14674309)

Here is a short note about my chemistry teacher

Dear : “Haseeb sir”💫
First of all I wanted to say heartfelt thanks for whatever you have done for me💖. You are very great 🏆teacher. You have not only made chemistry fascinating but also created a supportive and engaging environment for us to thrive in😇. You act as a catalyst for improving my chemistry🌝. Your unique ability to break down complex concepts into digestible pieces,🍬 making it easier for us to grasp and understand. Your knack to making most challenging seems approachable🪄. You always available to answer our questions provided extra help,or offer guidance whenever we needed it🌸. You created an environment where I felt comfortable ☺asking questions and sharing ideas. Your dedication, enthusiasm and expertise have made our learning experience unforgettable💡. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to have been your student🥳.

Mushthasan CBSE 14616990Mushthasan – 90 Marks 12th CBSE Board (Roll No: 14616990)

In starting when I was just going to opt science my biggest fear was of studying chemistry and tackling it’s exceptions everyone told me that chemistry can’t be understood and can only be learnt but after I joined chemistry clear point, chemistry became my favourite subject I started taking intrest in it and all the topics were clear to me like a crystal in very less time specially the organic part which has n no. of reactions in it I would like to admire Haseeb Sir for his hardwork in teaching and making my concepts clear he is one of those teachers who really wants to teach and again I would like to thank Haseeb sir for his efforts …..

Ilma CBSE 14695339Ilma – 84 Marks 12th CBSE Board (Roll No: 14695339)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Haseeb Sir for their exceptional guidance and support in chemistry. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I was able to achieve an impressive 84% in my chemistry exam. Their passion for teaching and ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner truly made a difference in my understanding of the subject. I am grateful for the positive impact they have had on my academic journey.”✨

Musa CBSE 25632795Musa – 83 Marks 12th Hyderabad Board (Roll No: 25632795)

Thank Youu So much sirr You are the best chemistry teacher agar me aapke yahan pehle se padh leta sir to me 95 above Lata but koi nhi aage me aur logo ko bhi suggest karunga ki aapse accha chemistry nhi padhata koi.

Ikra Malik CBSE 14686777Ikra Malik – 77 Marks 12th CBSE Board (Roll No: 14686777)

Dear Haseeb Sir ✨,
I’m here to express my ❤ heartfelt gratitude for all that you’ve done for me. Firstly, the list is really long, so I can’t edit it 😅🥹. You were always there for teaching with full patience, dedication, and passion, which had a significant impact on my understanding of chemistry. Even when I thought I was struggling 😥, your ability to break down complex concepts into simple terms 😌 has been incredible. While other teachers 🤫 neglect my silly doubts, you 🤗 have never neglected any of my doubts. Your efforts 💫 are valuable. You taught us that “no matter what the result is, one’s experience is worthy.” And lastly 😊, you are the 🏆 best, nope, the bestest teacher I’ve ever had in my life. May Allah bless you 🤲🏻🤲🏻….

Thank you so much ✨✨,

Aleena CBSE 14695338Aleena – 75 Marks 12th CBSE Board (Roll No: 14695338)

I’m very grateful to dr. Haseeb sir. I used to struggle with chemistry until I met dr.hasseb Ahmed .His patient explanations and creative teaching methods helped me not only grasp the subject but also develop a genuine interest in it. Chemistry used to be my least favorite subject, but after being taught by Dr. Hasseb sir it quickly became one of my favorites. His real-world examples and interactive experiments made learning chemistry exciting and relevant.I cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement throughout my chemistry journey. he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and helped me achieve success in the subject. And just because of him I got good marks in my boards.

Kesar CBSEKesar

I would like to tell my journey with the greatfull hai ownerable teacher DR.HASEEB AHMED….you were a wonderful teacher I have ever seen in my life..the way you teach and clears my whole concepts is like a magical…..like the way you teach the students is soo much helpful and ofcourse i am very lucky student who studies from you…I also want to study moreover to you….and always want a teacher in the face of you….it doesn’t matter sir that how could i get marks in my 12 boards but the type of knowledge you give me is so profitable for me and i wish that i study from you…..and i promise that I never get disappoint to you again. YOU IS SOO GREATFULL PERSONALITY

The Dr. Haseeb Ahmed Difference

Dr. Haseeb Ahmed’s coaching is not just about scoring high marks; it’s about fostering a deep understanding of chemistry. Here’s what sets his coaching apart:

Conceptual Learning: Dr. Ahmed emphasizes understanding over rote memorization, ensuring students grasp the core principles of chemistry.
Personalized Attention: Each student receives individualized support to address their specific needs and challenges.
Innovative Teaching Methods: Dr. Ahmed employs a variety of teaching techniques, including interactive sessions, practical examples, and regular assessments, to keep students engaged and motivated.
Comprehensive Study Material: Students have access to meticulously prepared notes and resources that simplify complex topics.
Supportive Environment: Dr. Ahmed fosters a positive and encouraging learning environment where students feel confident to ask questions and seek help.

Join CCP for a Bright Future

We are incredibly proud of our students and their achievements. Their success stories are a reflection of the hard work, dedication, and excellent teaching provided by Dr. Haseeb Ahmed.

If you or your child are looking for top-notch chemistry coaching, look no further. Join Dr. Haseeb Ahmed’s coaching for a transformative learning experience that paves the way for academic success and a deep appreciation of chemistry.

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Let’s celebrate the success of our students and look forward to many more achievements in the future!

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